Water Blasting - runway and taxiway rubber removal
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Welcome to American Water Blasting, America's most trusted and respected water blasting company. We offer rubber, paint and compound removal with our high quality water blasting machinery. We can remove any lines, marking, rubber, paint and other compounds off of any roadway, runway, taxiway, highway, parking lot, parking garage.

American Water Blasting uses the most advanced rubber and paint marking removal system in the industry today. The award winning, Stripe Hog®.

The Stripe Hog® captive water blasting system is ideally suited for all airport related, pavement cleaning and marking removal projects. It’s superior performance is a combination of the:

40,000 psi (2727 bar) Ultra High Pressure Water Pump

The Stripe Hog® operates with only clean water—no chemicals or additives. Rubber deposits, paint, and thermoplastic cannot begin to withstand the effective force of the needle sharp water jets.

Airport and roadway line striping

Water Blasting That Is Adaptable For Many Applications

Regardless of what your marking removal needs will be, or how difficult they are to access, the Stripe Hog® and its blasting head options will very likely be able to do the job.

Be sure to contact American Water Blasting today for a FREE QUOTE on all of your water blasting needs, including rubber removal, paint removal and curing compound removal from your airport runways, taxiways, highways and roadways.


American Water Blasting are the experts when it comes to runway rubber removal from airport runways, taxiways and roadways. Using our high pressure water blasting equipment we will keep runways, taxiways and roads.

  • Water blasting is the most economical way to remove rubber and line markings
  • Water blasting is ideal for Highway & Airfield Marking Removal
  • Water blasting is Environmentally Friendly
  • Removes temporary tapings
  • Extremely fast and reliable
  • Works with all types of markings, including thermoplastic, waterborne paints, epoxy paints, rubberized paints, temporary and permanent foil backed, and waffle tapes


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Specialists in runway and taxiway rubber removal, paint removal and pavement markings.

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water blasting - Airport rubber removal, paint removal, compound removal